Virtual Accounting has change the way we run our small business operations in today's modern times. Technology has changed our world and my life too. Eight years ago I quit my job and decided that to begin working from home. This has been the best decision I have made in the last decade. Today, 2017, I continue to enjoy the freedom of being an independent consultant in the field of accounting and taxes. My experience in this field is extensive, which is why, I bring to my clients the best service and support at a very affordable rate. I have faced challenges with some difficult clients but the honesty and the integrity of my business name stands firm and intact. For some small business owners, entrepreneur and/or start-up companies managing their accounting and finance aspect of their company is a challenge. But I say to them, it is a bigger challenge when you neglect it  from the start. Incorporating your business activity and following the rules of that incorporation is the first step to establish your brand name. Setting up your accounting books accurately and in compliance is the second. Virtual accounting is a cost effective way of doing this. There are online outlets that lets you connect with professional like me who have incorporated my professional services to help small business owners. Take your first steps and simply contact me. As the general manager of my company, I will assist you every step of the way and provide for you free of charge, with the basic education you should have when it comes to your business transactions and how they get recorded in your book of profit and loss and your statement of assets and liabilities. In the long run you will save thousands of dollars in software, office supplies, payroll fees and tax preparation fees. My company is one that is recognized for offering the most affordable rates and the best customer service online today. 

Trust continues to be the scare that is still the main concern why small owners don't go "virtual" but, I can honestly say that once a virtual professional has become popular their reputation also becomes popular. This popularity can help you detect a trust level. Internet searches of a popular professional can help you learn more about the professional background and freelance job history. A well established virtual professional has client references, this too can help you determine the level of trust you should have for that professional. 

Some of my clients are, to mention a few:

1.      Techlark Inc

2.      Point Guard Solutions

3.      Pendleton Design Group

4.   Creative-Solutions

5.    Recrita LLC

6.    Activisight LLC

7.   Jack Martin Group


Feel free to contact us.


 Marilyn Alequin

General Manager

Imperial Accounting Solutions LLC